Tatting Tutorials

Below is a list of internet sites that have useful tutorials, ranging from the basics on "How to Tat", to more advanced techniques. If you aren't having any luck with these, you can contact us to see if we know of a teacher somewhere near you.  We can't promise that there will be someone within reach, but we'll do our best.

Some Tatting sites to get you going

These sites have a bit of everything, but  the basics are (a) Rings, (b) Chains, (c) Picots, and (d) Joining.
Carrie Carlsons pages - Good diagrams for rings, chains, picots and joining. 

Video clips explaining the basics (rings, chains) More tricky techniques (split rings, split chains, magic thread trick ) are mentioned, but still under construction. 
Georgia's class notes for her online tatting lessons.  Instructions for just about everything - basics through to split rings, split chains, Maltese rings, beads, needletatting, left-handed tatting...
Some specific topics from Georgia's pages:
Rings, Rings, Rings
Chains, Chains, Chains
Starting at the end
Thoughts on joining tatting
Picot Advice to help understanding
 Other techniques

Sites for specific techniques. Note that there are many sites covering any one topic, this is just a selection for each technique. There are also many sites that cover many topics all at once! Also, if you really need to see some tatting, or a particular technique done, try www.youtube.com or www.flickr.com, as there's quite a few tatting related videos on both of these sites.

(Self Closing Mock Rings)
GR-8 Shuttles Webpage Page of Gary and Randy Houtz - "The Shuttle Brothers" and inventors of the SCMR.  Instructions and patterns.
Beads in tatting Georgia Seitz's learning centre Multiple methods with great diagrams
Needletatting Needle Tatting
HandyHands Needle Tatting
Instructions on Needle Tatting
Split Rings Youtube: split ring demo

Split Ring video by TatMan
Split Chains Youtube: Split chain demo Split chain video by TopTattyHead
Magic Thread Trick Magic thread trick - Debbie Drake's way Good diagram on the magic thread trick
Cluny tatting Hanging Cluny leaf - Tim Tenclay
What is Cluny tatting? - Mimi Dillman

Cluny tatting photos - Mimi Dillman
How to make a "Hanging Cluny Leaf"
Good reference page for Cluny tatting

Photos and tips on how to tat Cluny leaves
Frontside/Backside tatting,  Snowgoose - Frivolous Frivolite
A bit of everything! Georgia Seitz's online class index Tips and links to tips on many many techniques...

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  1. While the SCMR has been a trendy name since 1997, the Houtz Brothers didn't invent this ring. It has been in use for over 100 years.